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Wedding organisation in GreeceAbout us

My Greece Weddings is a team of professionals whose main focus is the organization of weddings in Greece. As experienced organizers, we promise to plan every detail for you, just as you imagined.

Whether you are planning to be alone or want a big ceremony with 100 guests, our effort and commitment has the same intensity. Our offer includes carefully selected destinations, customized packages and complete commitment to your wishes.

Our mission

Our mission is to make your wedding day go smoothly. We are here to resolve any doubts, to coordinate all procedures and to finally see a smile of satisfaction on your face. So far, our mission has always been fulfilled, which gives us the impetus to continue to do a good job for you.

Our vision

When we started with weddings, our vision was for each wedding to be unique and to make a good collaboration with designers, photographers and other collaborators. Today, our vision is to continuously improve and create new offerings that would be a great choice for newlyweds, such as our latest Green Wedding concept.

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