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Wedding on Lefkada – Inspired by beautiful and dramatic island landscapes, we believe that Lefkada with its style and glamorous beaches, ensures that each wedding is the most beautiful reflection of you and your love.

A wedding on Lefkada is the perfect opportunity to express your love and step into the waters of marriage in one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

Of all the islands and regions of Greece, the Ionian coast is one of the most attractive. Inspired legends and love stories are connected to this coast, and it is an absolutely perfect place to say “YES”.

Whether you are planning a wedding ceremony for all your friends and family or you want a small, intimate wedding on the beach, we will help you find your magical environment in this Ionian paradise. We believe that the love story of each of you is unique, and that your wedding should also be special.

Therefore, we strive to make our services tailored to your needs and desires.

Why is Lefkada the perfect place for your happy start?

We can list a number of reasons – beautiful locations on the beaches such as:

  • Nydri
  • Pefkoulia
  • Kathisma

The perfect wedding organization service, great photos and places to take your breath away, but also many other details that will make that moment magical.

Take a look at our service packages below, and in addition you can create your own package that we will be happy to provide.


Each package is carefully created, designed to meet the needs and desires of all newlyweds. Whether you decide to have a wedding on the beach or in the municipality, our dedicated team of people will do everything to make you feel satisfied.
Create a custom package

If you are in doubt which package is perfect for you, you can make your own package. Create your own wedding in Greece as you wish and choose the services that suit you.

No request is too big or small, because we know that a perfect wedding starts with big ideas and small details!

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